Kid of sailfin lizard

On April 20 the Day of Earth was celebrated on the territory of the zoo. A gift for everyone on this day was a bright concert and interesting environmental games. But, it turns out that it was not the only present-surprise on this day. Exactly on April 20 a kid of sailfin lizard (Hydrosaurus amboinensis) was born.

This fairly large (up to 110 cm in length) lizard is spread in the Philippines, the islands of New Guinea, Sulawesi, and the Moluccas. It is settled most often in thickets of plants along the rivers. A characteristic feature of the lizard is the skin folds on the tail, similar to sails. From here comes the name of the animal.

The kid hatched after 113 days of incubation in the equipped incubator of aquaterrarium department. Now the lizard is in a special terrarium – "Kindergarten", where young lizards and turtles are kept, – all that hatched this year. The first two or three days after the birth lizard can eat nothing, then, it eats insects of appropriate size.

On our photos there are mother and father of sailfin lizard, newborn kid, general view of the incubator.