The birth of a baby

On January 24, 2021, a baby was born in Mykolaiv Zoo in the family of Reeves's muntjacs (Lat. Muntiacus reeves), whose names are Finik and Fishka. Mother and newborn baby feel good, they are now in the winter enclosure of the antelopes. Female has enough milk to feed the baby. Fishka’s relationship with the baby is good, she feeds and heats it.

Literally a few hours after birth, the baby has already started to walk independently.

A little later, the baby's name will be chosen, and in the spring you will be able to see the whole family in the enclosure.

Reeves's muntjac is common in southern China, Taiwan and Japan. Brought to some countries in Europe, where it now lives in its natural state. Muntjak or barking deer - one of the smallest species of deer. And also this is one of the evolutionary oldest species of deer.