Habitat enrichment

Enrichment of the environment is an integral part of the practice of animal care. Enrichment usually refers to items that we provide animals to meet their behavioral needs. It provides a way to functionally model the natural habitat of animals in captivity, in order to expand the possibilities for expressing species-specific behavior and reduce the occurrence of abnormal behavior. In order to bring activity and diversity to the lives of animals at our zoo, employees construct a wide variety of useful crafts: secret feeders, hammocks, cable carriages and much more. Such entertainment plays an important role in the healthy keeping of animals. They motivate the increase in motor activity, train their acumen and just do not let them get bored.

Employees of Nikolaev zoo will gladly accept items for the manufacture of environmental enrichment items and ready-made things from caring citizens. It is clear that toys cannot serve for a long time, animals very quickly break and deform them, therefore we declare such a “charitable action” to collect enrichment elements. We appeal to individuals, organizations, regardless of the form of ownership, to bring (help to collect) the necessary items that we use for other purposes. Items may be used, but in pure form, or defective for their intended purpose. It is not necessary to buy something. The toy for the zoo pets can simply lie in front of you without home use.

We will mark all donors on the zoo website and in social networks. Information on the use of gifts can be seen on the website and the zoo page on Facebook.

Things can be brought and transferred to the department of environmental education and public relations.

For more information on the necessary items for animals, please call +38 (0512) 24-63-77 Ekaterina Bielikova, senior researcher.

Photo illustrations of Nikolaev zoo and other institutions for clarity.

List of gifts for animals of Nikolaev zoo:

1. Bamboo (dry stem);

2. Wicker baskets;

3. Coconuts (both whole and open cleaned);

4. Silicone baking molds – to prepare ice cakes and jelly for animals;

5. Toys for dogs (different, not fragile);

6. Balls (of any sizes, of any materials), balls for fitness with a handle so that you can hang;

7. Cables, ropes, jute rope net, folding rope ladders;

8. Different hammocks, wooden swings, wall bars;

9. Hoops (hula hoop);

10. Plastic baths, children's slide (plastic);

11. Road cones (hubcaps);

12. Plastic and wooden barrels, canisters and plastic cans;

13. Specialized brushes and combing for horses, plastic and rubber foot mats, road sweeper rollers, sweepers, mops without cuttings.

14. Fire hoses;

15. PVC pipes of different diameters;

16. Wooden coils for cable of different sizes.