Opening Plan for a New Exposition

We want to answer to many who are interested in how the presentation of the new exhibit "Ukrainian Safari" will be held, in particular, the exposition of new enclosures for giraffes.

Since the second giraffe Logan was brought not on September 4, but only on September 11, this made some amendments to our presentation plans. Most likely, giraffes will not be released in summer enclosures. This will be possible after they get used to the winter enclosures and consider them their safe home. We will connect giraffes only after passing the quarantine, this is about a month later. This must be done with extreme caution, since the animals are not familiar, they have never seen each other, they came from different zoos. Only one giraffe will be presented to the public in the winter enclosure.

Obviously, you will need to wait until the queue passes. We hope you understand that the well-being and safety of these unique animals is very important to us.