start of construction

Finally! In Mykolaiv Zoo construction of the complex of summer enclosures for big cats is begun!

For many years, since the construction of the new territory of Mykolaiv Zoo, half of the complex named “Beasts Island”, the central part of the zoo, was unfinished, and animals, such as jaguars, did not have access to sun and fresh air, because they had only indoor enclosures. Building enclosures of this scale is not cheap and extremely troublesome business.

The director of the zoo Topchy Volodymyr Mykolayovych did not give up the idea to complete the construction and continued to work in this direction. Much effort has been made to complete these enclosures. The logical step was to apply to the design organization and order a project for a complex of summer enclosures for big cats.

In 2017 Mykolaiv Zoo at the expense of own means which earned thanks to the economic activity, ordered design documentation in LLC AVTOGRAF-N. They designed a modern complex for big cats on the unfinished territory of the “Beasts Island”.

With the support of Mayor Syenkevych Oleksandr Fedorovych, funds were allocated for the construction of this facility, which will be financed from the city budget. Construction works will be performed by LLC INZh-Stroy.

Today, November 10, 2020, the capsule of the beginning of construction was solemnly laid. The capsule was solemnly laid by Yuri Yosypovych Lyubarov, Head of the Department for Culture and Cultural Heritage Protection, Bronislav Vasyliovych Tsurkan, Director of LLC INZh-Stroy, Yuri Yevhenovych Kyrychenko, Deputy Director of Mykolaiv Zoo, and Tetiana Bondarenko, Head of the Carnivores Department. Journalists were acquainted with the visualization of the complex that began to be built, because everyone was extremely interested in how the new complex should look like.

We hope that in the next, jubilee year for Mykolaiv Zoo, the new modern complex of enclosures convenient for animals and interesting for visitors, will be opened!