Educational activity

Educational activity is one of the main functions of zoos, which should relate to both environmental issues and socio-cultural area, and its impact on people's worldview will make education an important component of environmental activities.

Mykolaiv Zoo pays a lot of attention to educational activity. Excursions, mobile lectures of the contact zoo, quest excursions, radio excursions, ecological-educational actions and holidays, field lectures, animation programs, classes of young biologists, zootherapy sessions are held on the territory of the zoo. You can also find out a lot of interesting things on the “Zoo News” stand, on the zoo's Facebook and Instagram pages and on the official website. Traveling through our park, you can get acquainted with the information of ecological and educational content, which is located on the stands and signs. The signs are available both in animal enclosures and near plants. For our youngest visitors, who are just learning to speak, we have prepared an interesting project "Alphabet", which will make learning the alphabet much more interesting. And, if you do not have enough visual information, you can use the services of a guide.

You can book an excursion by phone: 24-63-80