Column "Flowering Calendar"

The column "Flowering Calendar" continues to report what interesting flowering plants can be seen in Mykolaiv Zoo right now.

Luxurious Viburnum Boule de Neige (translated from French the name of this form of the plant means "snowball") can be found on the lawn to the left of the central square of the zoo, also near the enclosure for takins.

Various sorts of irises continue to bloom in the zoo. You can see the largest palette of colors of these extremely fragrant flowers behind the summer enclosure for turtles.

Blooming weigela with perianth from white to purple can be found near the enclosure for elephants, as well as near the descent from the enclosure of polar bears in the direction of hippos.

Also for fans of exotic plants and photography we inform that wisteria has blossomed in the zoo. Luxurious liana wrapped around the dome of the eagles enclosure, but there are still few flowers on it. Pay attention to the top of the dome - that's where the most luxurious inflorescences of pale purple color.