Column "Cozy corners of Mykolaiv Zoo"

The column "Cozy corners of the zoo" reports that just now our alleys have been decorated with lush clouds of blooming cherry plums, plums, and Chinese dwarf cherries. An incredible aroma spreads from these flowers, and if the wind blows, real "snow" of white petals falls on the juicy green grass of the lawns covered with bright flowers of violets, yellow stars-of-Bethlehem and dead-nettles. Do you already want to see and feel it?! Then just for you, our column tells you where you can find such flowering trees: near the elephant enclosure, around the common ostrich enclosure, behind the primate department building, near the tapir enclosure, etc.

We would also like to inform you that the flowering of the extremely decorative forsythia shrub, which is named after the Scottish botanist and outstanding gardener William Forsyth, who first brought this plant from China to Europe, has already begun. You can see bright yellow flowering forsythia bushes at the entrance to the winter exhibit premises of the primate department, near the fox enclosure, near the koi carp pond.

Hurry, the flowering period of these plants is extremely short!