The sixth lecture

The sixth lecture of the series of interactive lectures "Zoo in the palm of your hand"

The employees of the department of ecological and educational work and the aquaterrarium department of Mykolaiv Zoo continue to hold interactive lectures of the "Zoo in the palm of your hand" series.

Today, March 18, the sixth lecture on "Masters of Disguise" was held.

During the event, young and adult visitors got to know such inhabitants of our zoo as: the veiled chameleon (Chamaeleo calyptratus) and the ball python (Python regius). A lot of information has been learned about why the chameleon changes its color, and the ball python is considered a symbol of the earth.

The children were able to pet the ball python and, together with the zoo staff, take part in feeding a chameleon, and also observed the unhurried movements of these reptiles, how they drink water, look in different directions. After that, the young researchers shared their personal impressions from their own observations.

During the lecture, children and adults received advice on keeping a chameleon at home.

Our event was interesting and informative.

We invite those who wish to attend the "Save the first spring flowers" campaign and the "Snowdrop" master class tomorrow, March 19 at 2:00 p.m.