Cooperation with other zoos

The activity of a modern zoo is impossible without close cooperation with other zoos within the country and without international cooperation. Employees share their experience in maintaining the collection and designing enclosures, experience in animal treatment and educational work. And, of course, zoos exchange animals in order to replenish exhibits and create pairs of animals for breeding.

Now, despite all the difficulties associated with the war, Mykolaiv Zoo continues such cooperation. On December 26, 2023, a large exchange of animals with one of the Ukrainian zoos took place, this zoo was created quite recently, but already has an interesting collection of animals, its name is Kovalivka Ecopark (Poltava Region). Colleagues from Kovalivka Ecopark gave us: a young female jaguar (Panthera onca), a female Barbary sheep (Ammotragus lervia), a female Patagonian mara (Dolichotis patagonum), a female alpaca (Vicugna pacos). All these animals arrived as a pair to the animals of our zoo. A whole group of birds was brought to Mykolaiv Zoo: a male bearded vulture (Gypaetus barbatus) (pair for our female), a pair of blue eared pheasants (Crossoptilon auritum), a pair of bar-headed geese (Anser indicus), 2 pairs of swan geese (Anser cygnoides), a pair of emperor geese (Anser canagicus), a pair of Cape Barren geese (Cereopsis novaehollandiae), 2 pairs of grey-headed swamphens (Porphyrio poliocephalus), a pair of Temminck's tragopans (Tragopan temminckii), a female grey crowned crane (Balearica regulorum) (pair for our male). Instead, Mykolaiv Zoo handed over to Kovalivka Ecopark: a female jaguar (there was an exchange of female jaguars between the zoos in order to create pairs of animals that are not relatives), four Siberian ibexes (Capra sibirica), a pair of Steller's sea eagles (Haliaeetus pelagicus), a female Eurasian griffon vulture (Gyps fulvus) and two white-tailed eagles (Haliaeetus albicilla) that were rescued at the beginning of the war.

All the animals that arrived at Mykolaiv Zoo, after adaptation and passing the quarantine, will replenish our exhibits!