Long-term residents of the zoo. Flamingos

Mykolaiv Zoo continues a cycle of articles in which we acquaint you with long-term residents of our zoo. This article is about American flamingos (Lat. Phoenicopterus ruber).

The collection of Mykolaiv Zoo contains 2 males of this species, which are now almost the same age as the new territory of the zoo, today they are 41 years old. These pink beauties came to the zoo in 1988 at the age of 8 via the Moscow zoological facility from the Netherlands. By nature our birds are very meticulous and conservative: accustomed to their "daily routine", know exactly what time to go home and used to do it only one way, and if there is an obstacle in the form of a hose or paper, refuse to enter until the obstacle is removed.

In their aviary, which is located to the left of the main square of the zoo, our long-term residents are kept not alone, with them lives a group of greater flamingos (Lat. Phoenicopterus roseus), who came to us from Syria (5 males and 2 females). The birds are still young: one of them was born in 2006, two - in 2007 and four - in 2010.

Birds are friends with each other, although they sometimes like, like real boys, to figure out their relationship.

The main diet of flamingos in Mykolaiv Zoo consists of gammarus, mosquito larva, finely chopped fish fillet, mince and bread.

This is not the end of our acquaintance with the ornithological department, there is still a lot of interesting waiting for you, so follow our news.

Photo by Tetyana Nepomnyacha