Birthday animals

During the Pre-New Year's holidays, Santa Claus and his assistants brought sweet presents to the birthday animals living in Mykolaiv Zoo.

The great apes Ramina and Aliti, chimpanzee (Lat. Pan troglodytes), living at Mykolaiv Zoo celebrate their birthday.

December 24, 2020 is Ramina's birthday, she is 8 years old. And on December 27 Aliti was born, she is 22 years old.

Aliti is Ramina's mother. Aliti arrived at Mykolaiv Zoo together with a group of her relatives in 2004 from Holland. She is a responsible and caring mother, always looking after her children.

Ramina was born in Mykolaiv Zoo. She is an active and very contact person, has a character. In her family Ramina behaves freely and effortlessly.

Today Aliti and Ramina celebrate their birthdays in a family circle with grandmother Ambi, with other Aliti’s children Chilina and Sherman.

As a gift for birthday monkeys and their whole family, young biologists of Mykolaiv Zoo prepared gifts with various delicacies (figs, bananas, apples, pomegranates).

The zoo staff sincerely congratulates our friendly family on this wonderful holiday!