A colt was born in the zebra family

We are glad to update you on the good news, on May 6, 2021 in our zoo in the family of Chapman's zebras (Equus burchelli chapmani) the couple Aladdin and Bianca had replenishment – a colt (female) was born. The parturition went well. The relationship between mother and the infant is good. A little later the zoo staff will choose the name for the youngster. In the meantime Bianca and her offspring are kept separate from other zebras. The mother jealously protects her infant and shields it from the observers, thus taking care of it.
In the coming days, if the weather will be sunny and warm, the colt with mother Bianca can be seen in the summer zebra enclosure.
We invite everyone to get acquainted with the infant and to observe its first steps.

Поповненняузебр Поповненняузебр1