Dear visitors of Nikolaev zoo!

We love our animals and take good care of them. There is enough food in the zoo, and each animal receives food according to the balanced diet. It is compiled by leading experts depending on the type of the animal, its size and time of the year. Feeding time is also individual.

For example, bread is very high in calories, but it has a low nutritional value in comparison with an approved varied diet.

White bread, in particular, has no real nutritional value, therefore, although animals may find it tasty, the danger is that it fills the stomach instead of other healthy foods. Some people feed already spoiled bread, and this is deadly dangerous.

Even if you have good fruits and vegetables, it violates animal’s balanced diet. After all, there are a lot of visitors who want to feed the animals! Do not feed the animals in the zoo and do not hesitate to make comments to those who do. Hearty people do this not to deliberately harm the animals, but for the best of reasons and they are just not aware of the possible consequences of their actions. Because of this, animals may have problems with the digestive tract, surgical intervention may be required, and sudden death may occur! Next time you may not find your pets in the place.

African ostriches more than once died after eating alien food. Unfortunately, these birds are inclined to eat everything they find in the aviary. It is not allowed to feed the ostriches, and also to give them items that they can swallow.

We know that it is impossible to feed pets with human food, no matter how plaintive they look at us. The same applies to the zoo animals. Imagine that someone else’s uncle gave your child a chocolate bar. Of course, this man wanted to please the child and see his smile. But he also did not think about the possible consequences. What if the child is allergic to chocolate, which can cause anaphylactic shock and create a life threatening condition?

A certain amount of bread that you throw for a waterfowl inevitably sinks, which, along with their droppings, causes "water blooming." And this is not only an unpleasant smell, but it can destroy the life of the pond and interferes with the natural feeding of birds.

Sincerely, the administration of Nikolaev zoo.