World Sparrows Day

March 20 World Sparrows Day is celebrated!

The holiday was offered by the Indian community of Nature Forever Society in collaboration with the Eco-Sys Action Foundation (France). The initiative was supported by numerous other national and international organizations.

Homeland of the sparrow is Asia. In our time, they are also distributed in North America, New Zealand, South Africa and on many islands. These unpretentious birds are well tolerated by the brutal whims of the weather – from the burning sun in the Middle East and the sharp temperature fluctuations of the continental climate to the wet seaside coast – but always inhabited where people live, that is, they are synanthropic.

In Ukraine there are three types of sparrows, two of them are found frequently and everywhere: domestic and field. Rare flying guest - Spanish sparrow.

Domestic sparrows live in towns and villages, not afraid to settle down next to people. Therefore, they have a lot of local dialect names: zhivkun, cricket, clerk, jurricks, prosoid, zhydok.