World Giraffe Day

June 21 - World Giraffe Day.

Finally, for the first time in 119 years, Mykolaiv Zoo can also join this action, as since 2019, these giant animals have appeared in the collection. Two males were transferred to our zoo from the Czech Republic: Nuru and Logan, representatives of a rare subspecies - "Rothschild's giraffe". There are less than 700 individuals left in the wild, the rarest subspecies of giraffe mentioned in the International Red List as an endangered subspecies. We are very proud of the new residents. You can see them in the summer enclosure "Ukrainian Safari".

Today, these tallest "terrestrial" animals are on the verge of extinction. Over the past 15 years, their population has declined by 40%. Today there are about 90,000 giraffes left. Every year, zoos, schools and other institutions around the world hold events to support these animals, disseminate information and shed light on the challenges they face in the wild.