Iron tree

Finding yourself in the museum of wildlife called Mykolaiv Zoo, you will immediately see: everything here is like a fairy tale. And this is true, because summer gives a chance to enjoy the beauty of nature of flora and fauna. Walking around the zoo in the summer is a great activity, because it's very nice and cool there now. You can not only get to know the animal world, but also take a walk in the park, admire the sculptures in the ancient Greek style, as well as meet interesting representatives of the plant world.

After reaching the metal bridge, which is located next to the Department of Ornithology and crossing it, we come to a meadow where interesting trees grow - hackberries (Celtis) (popularly called - stone or iron tree).

Have you heard of such a miracle tree? This plant can be attributed to long-lived trees due to its lifespan, which can be up to 500 years. And the stone tree can grow up to 25 meters, and sometimes up to 40 meters. Wind instruments are made of valuable wood. This plant is unpretentious, drought tolerant. And its amazing bark explains the unusual name of the tree and is characterized by high density, strength, weight, slenderness and power. The fruits are spherical, purple to black, edible, sweet, ripen in mid-autumn, serve as food for birds. Berry seeds contain oil that tastes like almonds.

The meadow of stone trees is a favorite vacation spot for visitors. You can hide under big trees on a hot day and watch the amazing life of pink pelicans, which are located in front of the meadow.

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