Classes of young biologists

No modern gadgets will ever replace live communication with the outside world, especially with the world of wildlife. Classes of young biologists of Mykolaiv Zoo in summer are carried out in the open air, in fresh air. Assimilation of the material takes place in the form of games, children get the roles of certain animals, dress up in them, then each "animal" must tell about itself and teach everyone some interesting and useful features. For example, a butterfly taught everyone how to use a container of water and a sheet of paper to cause a rainbow, a snake taught how to act when bitten. The children learned both theoretical and practical material, and there were many jokes, fun and moving games. And all this took place on the site near the "Grandfather's Hut" against the background of bathing of our elephants and to the loud accompaniment of our Jacob sheep. Apparently, there is nothing better for children. Therefore we remind you that since September 1 there will be a new set to a circle of young naturalists of Mykolaiv Zoo. Please come to our friendly team of nature lovers.