April 1 - International Bird Day

April 1 is International Bird Day. The purpose of the holiday is to draw public attention to the problems of bird conservation, to spread scientific knowledge about them, to increase the area of ​​protected territories inhabited by rare and small species of birds.

Birds are considered to be the first who bring us the news of the arrival of spring. They attract our attention with their melodic singing, beautiful colors and graceful flight, and also bring invaluable benefits to man. They kill rodents and pests, thus preserving the crops of gardens, fields and orchards for humans. Also contribute to the spread of trees and shrubs (ornitochory). In addition, birds are an integral part of food chains. But their fate very much depends on people's behavior. They are particularly affected by economic activities (plowing of lands, drainage of swamps, application of mineral fertilizers and pesticides, deforestation, mowing of grasses and uncontrolled hunting).

Today is also a holiday for ornithologists. After all, who but ornithologists know the characteristics of birds and their need for our care for them.

Mykolaiv Zoo is involved in the celebration of this wonderful and much-needed holiday.

Our zoo has a department of ornithology, which keeps and successfully breeds rare species of birds. In Mykolaiv Zoo breed such rare species of birds as white-tailed eagle (Lat. Haliaeetus albicilla), Steller's sea eagle (Lat. Haliaeetus pelagicus), cinereous vulture (Lat. Aegypius monachus), steppe eagle (Lat. Aquila nipalensis), white-naped crane (Lat. Grus vipio), demoiselle crane (Lat. Anthropoides virgo), bustard (Lat. Otis tarda), Eurasian eagle-owl (Lat. Bubo bubo), southern ground hornbill (Lat. Bucorvus leadbeateri), black swan (Lat. Cygnus atratus), Cape Barren goose (Lat. Cereopsis novaehollandiae). To date, the collection of birds of the zoo has 618 individuals belonging to 98 species.

The diet of our birds is always high in calories, enriched with vitamins and minerals. To diversify and enrich diets with vitamins, macro - and microelements, oats, wheat and lettuce seedlings were grown in the department, and sunflower seeds were germinated by hydroponics. This allows us to provide the birds with all the necessary substances not only in summer but also in the period from September to April, when weather conditions do not allow to obtain fresh cereals in the traditional way. Ornithologists of our zoo annually sow cereals: wheat, oats, barley, the shoots of which are happily glazed by birds, to enrich the environment in the enclosures and on the islands of the ponds. Much attention is also paid to enclosure decorating. In January, the enclosures were additionally decorated with pines and spruces, which were not sold after the New Year holidays and delivered to the zoo. The bird kingdom of Mykolaiv Zoo is well-maintained, feels well and has a good appetite…

So, if you decide to visit the birds of our zoo on their holiday, they are already looking forward to you…