25 years of work at the zoo

The employee of Mykolaiv Zoo, the head of the ornithology department, Serhiy Donovy, is celebrating a special anniversary – 25 years of work at the zoo!

Serhiy is in charge of a complex department in which many different birds are kept: huge ostriches and graceful flamingos, majestic eagles and bright parrots, exotic hornbills and a whole "swan lake" of waterfowl and many, many others. He is a qualified specialist, an expert in the biology of birds and the peculiarities of their maintenance and reproduction, a wise leader who skillfully manages a team. Under Serhiy's leadership, the ornithology department not only keeps an interesting collection of birds, but also succeeded in breeding many rare species.

We congratulate Serhiy Donovy and wish him many more years of work at the zoo and further success in the difficult but important task of nature conservation!