Fox Day

November 1 – Fox Day

Today, November 1, Fox Day is celebrated. Initially, this day was associated in Western Europe with the beginning of the fox hunting season, which is clearly different from the hunting of all other types of animals. Due to its cruelty and specificity, the fox population has decreased in Europe, and the hunting of these animals has been banned in many European countries (for example, in England, the ban was introduced in 2004).

The modern Fox Festival was founded to raise awareness of the consequences of human activity, as well as to preserve the diversity of the animal world.

Mykolaiv Zoo keeps these cute and popular animals.

To date, in one part of the enclosure the oldest fox Fleyta, born in 2013, lives. She was found by residents of Mykolaiv on the streets of the city and brought to the zoo on October 1, 2014. People said that she had escaped from a circus that had come on tour to the city. No one was looking for the fox, so the concerned residents of the city decided to catch it and bring it to the zoo.

6 foxes live in another part of the enclosure. Three of them were brought by residents of the city of Mykolaiv – the male Yevsey and the two females Berta and Busya. The children of Yevsey and Berta, who were born in the zoo on April 19, 2018, live here – a male Synok and two females Iskra and Norka. Visitors can always see Yevsey and Busya at the exhibit. And all other inhabitants come out of their burrows closer to the evening. These are the incredible life stories of our foxes.

Dear visitors, we invite you to visit Mykolaiv Zoo, where you can get to know the heroes of all fairy tales about animals – foxes...