Lank and Lola's birthday

Happy Birthday, Lank and Lola!

Today, May 25, Mykolaiv Zoo has a holiday, the birthday of two lions (Panthera leo), the male Lank and the female Lola, who are both turning 8 years old! They were born in South Africa and came to our zoo as a gift from a private person from Kyiv on October 10, 2016.

Our birthday animals are contact and kind to employees, they know well those people who take care of them. They live as a real pride of lions, their children Kim and Cora, who were born on November 24, 2021, live with them.

The birthday boy Lank is the real leader of his pride, but his son Kim tries to assert his rights when distributing food.

Despite the fact that Lank and Lola were raised by humans from the age of one month, they still did not become "plush toys". These are real predators with natural instincts.

Since 1974, the head of the department of carnivores Tetiana Bondarenko keeps records of lion cubs born in our zoo. Since then, 144 lion cubs have been born in Mykolaiv Zoo.

One of the first experiences of artificial feeding of lion cubs was described by Lyudmyla Nichykova, zootechnician of Mykolaiv Zoo in the 1950s.

In honor of the holiday, the zoo employees held demonstrative feeding for the entire royal family, and all the visitors had the opportunity to observe the behavior of the lions. Also, the visitors had the opportunity to listen to interesting information about the birthday animals and their pride. Not only the audience liked it, but also our felids.

The zoo staff sincerely congratulate our friendly royal family on this wonderful holiday!