Day of nature conservation workers

July 7 – Day of nature conservation workers

Today, July 7, is the Day of Nature Conservation Worker.

On August 18, 2009, the President of Ukraine, in accordance with Decree No. 629/2009, established a professional holiday for nature conservation workers, which is now celebrated annually on July 7. In order to support the nature reserve business, taking into account the significant contribution of specialists and professionals who care about the present and future of our nature, in support of the initiative of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, this professional holiday has been established.

Mykolaiv Zoo is one of the objects of the Nature Reserve Fund of Ukraine, which keeps and breeds wild animals, especially endangered and rare ones, in order to preserve the gene pool. Despite the difficult times that our country is experiencing today, Mykolaiv Zoo is actively working and receiving visitors. It is important to understand that this kind of activity contributes its share to the preservation of the nature of Ukraine and the planet.

Taking this opportunity, we congratulate all employees of the nature reserve business with a professional holiday, we wish you strength, bright ideas, new achievements in the field of nature protection under a peaceful sky!