Day of nature reserve workers

Day of the Nature Reserve Worker is celebrated on July 7.

On August 18, 2009, according to Decree № 629/2009, the President of Ukraine established a professional holiday for nature reserve workers, which is now celebrated annually on July 7.

In order to support nature conservation, taking into account the significant contribution of specialists and professionals who are not indifferent to the present and future state of our nature, in support of the initiative of the Ministry of Environment, this professional holiday was established.

Mykolaiv Zoo joins in celebration of this Day.

Our zoo is one of the objects of the nature reserve fund of Ukraine, which keeps and breeds wild animals in order to preserve the gene pool of zoological collections, especially endangered, rare, listed in the Red List of Ukraine and the International Red List. It is important to understand that such activity is important at the state level and contributes to the preservation of nature in Ukraine.

On April 26, 2021 Mykolaiv Zoo turned 120 years! 120 years of history, successes, victories, difficulties and tragedies. Five generations of specialists have given and are giving their knowledge, strength and work. Tens of thousands of animals have passed through its collection.

Our zoo is one of the oldest zoos in Europe. It has the largest collection of wild animals among Ukrainian zoos. It has about 420 species and more than 3295 individuals. Mykolaiv Zoo has a beautiful and well-groomed park and a large collection of plants – more than 250 species.

In honor of today's holiday, we congratulate all employees of the nature reserve on their professional holiday, wish them health and success in their difficult but much-needed work! After all, as it is stated in the motto of Mykolaiv Zoo: "Only by our joint efforts we will save the world of wild animals".

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