Hanami in the zoo

Missed the warmth, greenery and flowers? We invite you to a fabulous paradise of Mykolaiv Zoo on a holiday of Hanami.

Hanami is a festival of flowering and admiration of sakura. Literally the name of this great national holiday is translated as "contemplation of flowers".

Sakura Blossom Festival is one of the most popular in Japan. In ancient times, it was the prerogative of the aristocracy to observe the blossoming sakura, but soon everyone who wanted joined this event, including the poorest sections of the population.

As you know, sakura is considered a symbol of Japan. Japanese cherry, or sakura, is the common name for ornamental cherry trees. In Japanese, the word "sakura" means any cherry in general, and in poetry very often the fall of the leaves of this tree is compared with past love and youth. During World War II, delicate pink flowers were used as propaganda to lift the spirits in Japan.

Sakura blossoms have long been perceived as an exclusively Japanese traditional spectacle. However today it is not necessary to go to distant Japan to see this miracle, after all nowadays sakura grows in many corners of the planet, including Mykolaiv Zoo.

In 2009 50 sakura saplings were brought to Mykolaiv Zoo. They were given as a gift to the director of our zoo, Volodymyr Topchy, as a sign of friendship by the director of Ueno Zoo (Tokyo, Japan) Toshimitsu Doi. Most of the seedlings were planted at the zoo. Some were given to the city as a gift from the zoo.

You can admire the beauty of sakura flowers in our zoo on the "Island of wild beasts", there is a whole alley of young trees, as well as near the landscape complex "At the junction of two cultures". In mid-April, when the sakura blooms profusely in the zoo, these corners turn into a real Japanese garden, shrouded in pink clouds.

Visitors specially come during this period to Mykolaiv Zoo to look at an amazing spectacle and to make beautiful unique photos.

Come to our zoo to experience the beauty of nature and celebrate a truly beautiful Hanami holiday.