A kaleidoscope of incredible beauty

"A kaleidoscope of incredible beauty" – this year that will be the name of the column, in which we plan to talk about the blooming of flowers in the zoo, about the picturesque landscape corners of our park, about the beauty of such seasonal events as golden autumn or the first snow. Traditionally, we will announce the beginning of the flowering of certain plants so that our visitors do not miss the opportunity to admire their favorite flowers and can plan their visit to the zoo in time. It's no secret that Mykolaiv Zoo can boast not only a large collection of animals. In our beautiful well-kept park there are more than 200 species of only woody plants, many of which boast luxurious blooms or bright autumn foliage! The posts of the column will show you the plants that bloom in the zoo at a certain period and tell you exactly where you can find these flowers.

And we start the column traditionally with a wonderful delicate flower – snowdrop. Visitors to Mykolaiv Zoo, visiting us now, can admire whole meadows of fragrant snow-white flowers. According to one of the legends, the tender plant was born from Eve's tears that fell on the snow. According to legend, when God expelled Adam and Eve from Paradise, it was winter, cold and snowy. And Eve wept, remembering the warm gardens of Paradise. Where a tear fell on the snow, a beautiful flower appeared, which since then announces that spring warmth is not far away.

You can see meadows of blooming snowdrops in Mykolaiv Zoo around the chimpanzee summer enclosure, near the tropical butterfly pavilion, on the slopes of the "Island of Animals", near the koi carp pond, etc.