A kaleidoscope of incredible beauty

The warm breath of spring is felt more and more, and despite everything, there are more and more warm sunny days. In the zoo, the lawns are covered with bright greenery. And more and more bright spring flowers are appearing.

Near the enclosures of primates, near the enclosures of carnivores, you can find whole meadows of blooming yellow stars-of-Bethlehem. Fragrant violets, bright blue periwinkle are blooming. And not far from the flamingo enclosures, lesser celandine or pilewort began to bloom. The delicate green of the plant and bright yellow "sun" flowers cover the soil with a continuous carpet in the midst of flowering. This plant is a wonderful early spring honey plant. At night and in rainy weather, the flowers are closed to preserve heat and protect pollen from moisture, so choose a sunny day for a walk around the zoo to see the blooming meadow.

Hurry up to admire the fleeting spring beauty! And do not forget to follow our messages, because we plan to continue to inform you about the beauty of spring nature, which can be seen in Mykolaiv Zoo.