Kid of sailfin lizard
— Kid of sailfin lizard On April 20 the Day of Earth was celebrated on the territory of the zoo. A gift for everyone on this day was a bright concert and interesting environmental games. But, it turns out that it was not the only present-surprise on this day. Exactly on April 20 a kid… 24/04/2019
 Charity Event
— Charity Event Today, the residents of Nikolaev, Tatyana and Alexander Mazur (“Favorite Garden” company) presented a large number of ornamental plants to our zoo. These are yuccas, flowering quinces, junipers and many other exotic plants that they took to the zoo on their vehicles and took an active part in planting. The… 23/04/2019
Earth Day at Nikolaev Zoo
— Earth Day at Nikolaev Zoo Today on the territory of Mykolaiv zoo there was a traditional ecological holiday – Earth Day. The main task of this event is to draw the attention of Earth inhabitants to the problem of preserving life on our planet. For this many years, an alarm signal from the alarm clock… 21/04/2019
Nedzvetsky apple tree
— Nedzvetsky apple tree In Mykolaiv zoo the extremely beautiful and rare apple tree of Nedzvetsky began to blossom, which was entered into the Red Book as an endangered species. The natural growth area of ​​this plant is the Tien Shan mountain forests. An interesting feature of this plant is that young shoots and… 19/04/2019
Habitat enrichment
— Habitat enrichment Enrichment of the environment is an integral part of the practice of animal care. Enrichment usually refers to items that we provide animals to meet their behavioral needs. It provides a way to functionally model the natural habitat of animals in captivity, in order to expand the possibilities for expressing… 19/04/2019
Photo Zone
— Photo Zone Photo zone dedicated to Easter is opened. We invite everyone! 18/04/2019
Feathered pupils
— Feathered pupils In Mykolaiv zoo more than 10 years in the department of ornithology there is a pair of tropical birds, endemics of South Australia, cape barren goose. For a long time birds made laying, but the chicks did not appear. Finally, in January of this year, a pair hatched their firstborn,… 17/04/2019
Visit of colleagues from Amersfoort zoo, the Netherlands
— Visit of colleagues from Amersfoort zoo, the Netherlands On April 11, 2019, Nikolaev zoo was visited by colleagues from Amersfoort Zoo, the Netherlands. Marjo Hoedemaker – senior advisor at Amersfoort zoo, member of the Asian Elephant Committee and Bas Aalders – curator of ungulates, pachyderms, primates and carnivores at Amersfoort zoo. The purpose of the visit was the… 12/04/2019
Bird day
— Bird day On March 31 Mykolaiv Zoo held a traditional holiday “Bird Day”. For many decades this day we are talking about the value and necessity of protecting the world of feathered. But we try to make every educational holiday not only useful and cognitive, but also fun and interesting. For you… 30/03/2019
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