A gift for Mykolaiv Zoo
— A gift for Mykolaiv Zoo St. Nicholas Day is a holiday when real miracles happen! If you dream, your dreams will surely come true! Today Saint Nicholas in the person of the deputy of the Mykolaiv city council Dmytro Stepanovych Ivanov visited us and presented to Mykolaiv Zoo the electric car. This is the first… 19/12/2021
The holiday is coming!
— The holiday is coming! The holiday is coming! All people want something bright, festive, not ordinary. Then you should come exactly to us! We guarantee the atmosphere of a festive mood! 18/12/2021
World Monkey Day
— World Monkey Day December 14 – World Monkey Day. This holiday appeared as a joke among students of the University of Michigan. One of the students marked the date of December 14 in the calendar as Monkey Day. It happened in 2000. Then the prank ended with a humorous holiday celebrated by students.… 14/12/2021
— Column "House for animals. The zoo through the eyes of an architect." At first glance, it may seem that we have decided to show portraits of ungulates, made in their native environment – high in the mountains. Clusters of stones and moss-covered boulders look too natural. But it is worth moving the camera away, as it becomes clear that in the lens… 13/12/2021
The birthday of polar bear Smetanka
— The birthday of polar bear Smetanka On December 8, Mykolaiv Zoo celebrates the birthday of polar bear Smetanka, who turns 4 years old. Smetanka's parents are Nanuk and Zefirka. Smetanka's birth in our zoo was a great sensation, the event that was extremely important and bright, because polar bears had not been born in Mykolaiv Zoo… 08/12/2021
— Column "House for animals. The zoo through the eyes of an architect." On December 3, we are launching a new photo project – the column "House for animals. The zoo through the eyes of an architect". Right now, when the leaves fell and treetops do not cover the view, you can get a good look at the zoo buildings – enclosures for… 03/12/2021
Zefirka's birthday
— Zefirka's birthday Today, November 27, our beautiful polar bear Zefirka celebrates her birthday. She turns 10! Zefirka arrived in March 2014 under the International Program from Moscow Zoo. For 7 years of living in Mykolaiv Zoo she proved herself as a very kind and caring mother who knows how to take care… 27/11/2021
— Column "Golden Autumn at the Zoo" The columns "Flowering Calendar" and "Golden Autumn at the Zoo" publish the last message this season. Today we show you the blooms of the queen of autumn flowers, fragrant chrysanthemum, which can now be seen in the flower beds near the summer enclosure for elephants, behind the enclosures for small… 12/11/2021
Day of great tit
— Day of great tit November 12 – Day of great tit, which can be called "the holiday of meeting wintering birds". This day is celebrated not only to draw attention to the beautiful and extremely useful bird, but also to remind people once again of the need to support birds in winter. Great tits,… 11/11/2021
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