Amphibians Awareness Week
— Amphibians Awareness Week May 5-11, 2024 is marked "Amphibians Awareness Week". Mykolaiv Zoo joins this important ecological and educational campaign. During the week, we will offer you interesting information about amphibians and show you which species of amphibians you can see in our exhibit. Fact two: the distribution of amphibians. Amphibians are cold-blooded… 07/05/2024
Shanti's birthday
— Shanti's birthday On May 6, 2024, our Asian elephant (Elephas maximus) named Shanti celebrates his birthday. He is turning 16 years old! Shanti was born in 2008 in Hannover Zoo. He arrived at Mykolaiv Zoo from Hungary on November 10, 2019, but not alone, but with his friend Dinkar. The animals were… 06/05/2024
— Anniversary On April 28, a beautiful, talented woman, a professional in her field, an excellent manager and organizer, head of the personnel department of Mykolaiv Zoo – Olga Oleksandrivna Tatarynova celebrated her anniversary. Olga has been working at Mykolaiv Zoo since 1991, and since 1993 she has been the head of… 29/04/2024
World Tapir Day
— World Tapir Day World Tapir Day Around the world, April 27 is annually celebrated as World Tapir Day. To date, it is not known who exactly proposed to celebrate this holiday, but we know that World Tapir Day was celebrated for the first time in 2008. The purpose of the holiday is to… 27/04/2024
 Stories about younglings born in Mykolaiv Zoo
— Stories about younglings born in Mykolaiv Zoo Our traditional spring messages are stories about younglings born in Mykolaiv Zoo. Today we will tell you about the ungulates that were recently born, and which you can see with us right now! A very cute, "plush" female llama (Lama glama) named Nonna was born in Mykolaiv Zoo on February… 26/04/2024
International Flamingo Day
— International Flamingo Day Today, April 26, is International Flamingo Day. It falls on the birthday of John James Audubon, an American artist and ornithologist who created an image of the American (Caribbean) flamingo for the book Birds of America. The holiday was started in 2020 by a group of specialists with the aim… 26/04/2024
Mykolaiv Zoo's birthday
— Mykolaiv Zoo's birthday Today, April 26, 2024, Mykolaiv Zoo turns 123 years old! April 26, 1901 is considered the official foundation date of Mykolaiv Zoo. It was on this day that the founder of the zoo, Mykola Pavlovych Leontovych, decided to open his collection to everyone who wants to see it... Since then,… 26/04/2024
 Earth Day
— Earth Day Earth Day is the name used for various events that are held in the spring with the aim of encouraging people to be more attentive to the fragile and vulnerable environment of the planet Earth. Also, "Earth Day" is a civil initiative, open to the joining of any people, groups… 22/04/2024
Educational event
— Educational event Despite the gloomy, cold, and sometimes rainy weather, today we held an interesting educational event for the most dedicated and brave connoisseurs of the animal and plant world of Mykolaiv Zoo. During the excursion, everyone was able to get acquainted with "dragon flowers" – huge luxurious peonies, as well as… 21/04/2024
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