Column "House for animals. The zoo through the eyes of an architect."

On a frosty and windy day, it is especially nice to invite guests to a warm place, where greenery abounds and you can hear birds singing. In the exhibit room of the Department of Ornithology in winter you can not only warm up, but also see a collection of birds that winter here. Pelicans and black swans, hornbills and herons, mandarin ducks and black crowned cranes, bright parrots – this is by no means a complete list of birds that can now be seen here. An interesting location is also a small exhibit "Night World", which is home to bats and several species of owls.

In our photos you can see what the exhibit hall of the Department of Ornithology looks like, the features of the aviary equipment, the decor and the educational clarity of the room.

We invite you to visit our exhibits! We remind that warm exhibit rooms of Mykolaiv Zoo are already open for observation!

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