Happy first day of spring

Congratulations, friends, on the first day of spring!

From today we begin a new column "Flowering Calendar" in which we will report on what beautiful plants blossom in Mykolaiv Zoo right now. After all, it is no secret that Mykolaiv Zoo is not only a collection of animals, but also a park with beautiful ornamental plants. This information will help you, having learned about flowering of snowdrops, sakura, peonies or paulownia, to plan your visit to Mykolaiv Zoo in time and not to miss any fine moment of flowering!

We will start, of course, with the first herald of spring - snowdrop (Lat. Galanthus). According to one of the legends, the delicate plant originated from Eve's tears that fell on the snow. According to legend, when God banished Adam and Eve from paradise, it was winter, cold and snowy. And Eve wept, remembering the warm gardens of paradise. Where a tear fell on the snow, a beautiful flower appeared, announcing that the spring heat was near.

The first snowdrops can be seen in Mykolaiv Zoo just now near the summer enclosure of chimpanzees, near the pond with koi, on the slopes of "Island of wild beasts".