World Wildlife Day

March 3 - World Wildlife Day. This date was introduced recently. Namely, on December 20, 2013, the session of the UN General Assembly declared March 3 to be World Wildlife Day.

The purpose of this day is to draw attention to the problems of preserving the world of nature, which suffers greatly from human activities.

Mykolaiv Zoo joins celebration of World Wildlife Day.

Our zoo is one of the objects of the nature reserve fund of Ukraine, which keeps and breeds wild animals, including rare ones.

In addition, this year we coincide the beginning of the annual action dedicated to the protection of early flowering plants with World Wildlife Day. As part of this action we held a thematic lesson with young biologists of the zoo, created an educational video, disseminated information about the need to protect rare plants on social networks, on the information board and through radio tours of the zoo.

Remember that wildlife is an integral part of our planet. After all, it is impossible to imagine the world without unique wild animals and incredible plants. To protect wildlife is the task of each of us!