World Guide Day

February 21 – World Guide Day.

Today, February 21, professional guides around the world celebrate their own holiday. Guide Day was first celebrated in 1990. Its founder can be considered the president of the International Federation of Tour Guides, T. Loizides, who showed her own initiative in this matter. This holiday has been traditional for Mykolaiv Zoo for many years.

Mykolaiv Zoo is known as a tourist pearl of Ukraine and a place where excursions are actively conducted by specialists of the department of ecological and educational work. Lectures of the contact zoo with demonstrations of domesticated animals and animation programs are also traditionally held, zoo specialists actively conduct tours and interactive lectures "Zoo to the touch", "Zoo in the palm of your hand", "Meetings with your favorite animals". During the lecture, visitors learn many interesting facts about animals. Children, together with adults, participate in interactive activities, and the tour guides, in turn, answer the questions of young scholars.

Also, zoo guides regularly conduct tours with demonstrative feeding of animals. Such promotions are very popular among our visitors, who like to watch their favorite animals and learn a lot of useful information about their life in the zoo.

As part of the celebration of the World Guide Day, educational lectures were held with demonstrations of domesticated animals for small residents of Mykolaiv. Communication with animals helps children not only learn interesting facts about animals. Our excursions are also a method of psychological rehabilitation of children, helping them in the difficult times of the war.

And those who did not have time to visit our interactive event, we invite you to the zoo for the next lecture of the series "Meetings with your favorite animals", which will take place next Saturday and Sunday. Follow our messages and do not miss the most interesting moments of the life of Mykolaiv Zoo!