Meeting of the Lord is celebrated on February 15

Meeting of the Lord is celebrated on February 15. This day is considered to be the day when the breath of spring is already fully felt – on this day spring "meets" with winter!

Meeting of the Lord returns the birds to the groves and the plowman to the plow. After the holiday, you could already start working in the gardens, in the fields. At that time, the owners started repairing agricultural implements and clearing the fields of plowing.

The people believed that this day winter goes where summer was, and summer – where there was winter. Along the way, they meet and argue with each other. Whoever wins the dispute will still be able to manage these lands. If it warms up in the evening, then summer has won and there will be warming soon. If it gets colder in the evening, the winter will remain for a while.

There are other folk signs that relate to the day of Meeting of the Lord. Clear and quiet weather on this day portends a good harvest of the field and swarming of bees. If this day is warm and sunny, then spring will be warm.

And in Mykolaiv Zoo now it is possible to see already the first rays of spring – gentle snowdrops. We offer to admire them in our photos or directly during a walk in the zoo!