European Parks Day

May 24 – European Parks Day

European Parks Day was founded in 1999 by the European organization that unites protected areas in 36 European countries – the Federation “Europark”.

The date of the celebration was chosen not by chance: it was on May 24, 1909 that the first national parks were created in Europe, of which there are now more than three hundred. These were nine National Parks based in Sweden. Since then, these areas have become an invaluable part of Europe's natural and cultural heritage.

Today, European Parks Day symbolizes international solidarity in the protection of natural areas. The purpose of the holiday is to draw attention to the natural beauty of Europe and protect it both today and in the future.

Mykolaiv Zoo joins in celebration of this important holiday. Our zoo is one of the objects of the nature reserve fund of Ukraine, which keeps and breeds wild animals. It is important to understand that such activity has a resonance at the state level and contributes to the preservation of nature in Ukraine, Europe and the world. The zoo, as well as other objects of the nature reserve fund, national parks also perform a recreational and educational function, because every year thousands of people come to us not only to relax, but also to learn a lot of interesting things about the world of nature.