Year of the Blue (Black) Water Tiger according to the Chinese calendar

The Year of the Tiger on the Chinese calendar will officially begin on February 1, 2022 and will last until January 21, 2023.

In Eastern culture the tiger is one of the most respected representatives of the fauna. It is a symbol of generosity, strength and justice. It combines wisdom, passion, eternal movement towards the goal and at the same time slowness, the ability to stop and wait for "prey". The proud Tiger is curious, it is not afraid of the new and is always open to experimentation. It can be called a born adventurer.

In our zoo you can see the symbol of the year and make a wish. After all, we have two beautiful sisters, Siberian tigers Penelopa and Agrypyna. They were born in Mykolaiv Zoo in 2005. In September 2021, the tigers turned 16! This is a pretty decent age, believing that in the wild tigers live 12-15 years. Thanks to the constant care and attention of employees, the life expectancy of animals in zoos is higher.

Penelopa and Agrypyna are different in nature. When the tigers were younger, they were friends with each other, and with the onset of puberty they stopped getting along and began to conflict. After all, in nature, tigers live alone, lead a solitary life. Therefore, tigresses are released into the open enclosure in turn.

You can see our tigresses in the exhibit complex "Island of Animals". For them in Mykolaiv Zoo enclosures are constructed with rather big territory, a natural landscape, shady trees, pools in which tigers like to bathe very much.

And in winter the Siberian origin of cats makes itself felt. They love to lie in the snow or even ride on the ice floe of a frozen pool.

Mykolaiv Zoo invites all visitors to visit our tigresses which are the symbol of this year and to make wishes!