International Lynx Day

On June 11 the whole world celebrates International Lynx Day.

It was on this day in 2019 that an important environmental program was launched in Ukraine - "Let's save the lynx". This is currently the only comprehensive program in Ukraine, which should ensure sustainable protection of the lynx – the largest cat in Europe, which lives also in Ukraine.

During 2019-2022 the program will collect data on the status and abundance of lynx in the Carpathians and Polissya, analyze management in the distribution area, and will develop a national action plan for the conservation of the species. For this purpose, Ukrainian and foreign zoologists, the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine, the State Forest Agency, administrations and experts of nature reserves and forest lands will be involved.

By protecting the lynx, we will preserve forests and improve the natural living conditions of other forest dwellers as well.

The Eurasian lynx (Lynx lynx) is a beautiful, graceful carnivore of the feline family, considered the largest cat in Europe. Inhabits large forests, deaf areas with dense undergrowth, windbreaks, swamps. In nature, the lynx is kept where the "rooster is not heard" – far from populated areas, in the highlands. It is very difficult to meet this carnivore in natural conditions, because there are only 500 of these beautiful animals left in Ukraine!

The reasons for the decline in lynx populations are: deforestation, less food resources and hunting.

The collection of Mykolaiv Zoo has Eurasian lynxes. This species has been kept in our zoo for several decades. Keeping and successfully breeding the lynxes, Mykolaiv Zoo contributes to the preservation of these beautiful animals.

Male Lukashka, who was born in nature in the forests of Belarus in 2008, lives in Mykolaiv Zoo. He arrived at the zoo on May 27, 2009. We have a young pair of lynxes Lyupin and Zabava and their son Til, who was born on May 27, 2017, now he lives separately from his parents.

Besides, for International Lynx Day, Mykolaiv Zoo is glad to report good news.

In our zoo there was a replenishment on May 7, 2021. Pair of lynxes Lyupin and Zabava gave birth to three cubs. The youngsters are now with their mother in a special wooden house – a hiding place, dad lives with them in the same enclosure. Zabava is a caring mother who feeds her cubs herself.

At present, lynx cubs with their parents are not available for observing, because in order to ensure peace for the animals, the zoo's specialists fenced off the visitors' access to the enclosure and created a kind of "silence zone".

We hope for your understanding!