Column "School of young zoocorrespondent"

Reports about zoo news in this column are not written by adult employees, but by our young biologists, who this time try themselves as correspondents, authors of texts, and photographers.

Today we are talking about the newborn pets of "Grandfather's Hut" – a lamb and a kid. In warm weather, you can already see a small colorful goat with its mother in the yard of "Grandfather's Hut", the lamb will be released a little later. Strushlyak Milada, a young biologist, knows the details:

"Two wonderful animals were born in Mykolaiv Zoo: a kid and a lamb.

A Cameroon goat kid named Buntyk was born on the twenty-fourth of January. His parents are Milka and Landysh, the baby has almost the same color as his mother. Also, a Cameroon Dwarf lamb was born at the zoo on January 14. He doesn't have a name yet. The lamb's parents are mother Luta and father Sichen. They were named so because they were born in winter months. Today, these wonderful animals live in the "Grandfather's Hut" on the territory of the zoo. Now they are indoors with their mothers, but in a few weeks, when they grow up and it gets warm outside, these little inhabitants of the zoo will be brought out into the yard with other adult animals."

Photo of young correspondents Milada Strushlyak, Tymur Yefymenko and Oleg Kovalenko.