Column "Cozy corners of Mykolaiv Zoo"

Column "Cozy corners of Mykolaiv Zoo" offers to admire blooming crocuses, a small lawn of which is located on the greensward next to the alpine hill (near the enclosure for Amur leopards). A flower bed of crocuses can also be seen near the “Grandfather's Hut”.

There are several dozen species of crocuses in the world. In many regions, the true arrival of spring is marked by the appearance of crocus flowers (or saffron), one of the earliest flowering plants in spring. Since ancient times, seed saffron has been grown as a source of spices and as a coloring and medicinal plant. Cleopatra, the queen of Egypt, loved to take saffron baths, considering them the secret of amazing beauty. In ancient Rome, saffron was used as medicine and perfume, and there was a fashion for saffron-colored clothes. This flower was considered a real luxury item. Modern gardeners grow hundreds of varieties and hybrids of crocus, which differ in size and color, but all these bright delicate flowers will definitely attract your attention.

You can also now find a real "perfume meadow" in Mykolaiv Zoo, because near the summer enclosure for elephants, mass flowering of winter honeysuckle has begun – a plant with an incredibly pleasant strong aroma that spreads several meters from the flowering bush. The bouquet of aromas is complemented by thickets of fragrant violets.

Winter honeysuckle is also one of the plants that bloom very early. The first flowers of honeysuckle can bloom already in winter. And honeysuckle is considered a "flower of lovers", because its flowers are paired, they bloom and fade at the same time...