World Environment Day

Every year on June 5 the world community celebrates World Environment Day.

The choice of this date is justified by the fact that it was on this day that the UN Conference on the Environment (Stockholm, 1972) opened, which resulted in the creation of the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP). The reason for this global action was an appeal received on May 11, 1971 by the UN Secretary-General. The conference was attended by authorized representatives of 113 countries. "Either we will end the pollution, or it will end us," – these were the words addressed to the UN Secretary-General, signed by 2,200 scientists and cultural figures from 23 countries. In May 1971 the environmentally concerned community began its unprecedented fight against environmental pollution.

Mykolaiv Zoo joins celebration of the World Environment Day.

Our zoo is one of the objects of the nature reserve fund of Ukraine, which keeps and breeds wild animals in order to preserve the gene pool, especially endangered, rare species, listed in the Red List of Ukraine and the International Red List. It is important to understand that such activities contribute to the conservation of nature. One of the main functions of our zoo are:

• conservation, which aims to preserve wildlife and create artificial populations in case of extinction of the species in nature;

• educational, which should shape the worldview of people in the understanding of environmental protection, protection of wildlife.

Instillation of ecological culture in Mykolaiv Zoo today – a guarantee of life of future generations!

Our life and the future of our children depend on us!

День охорони