Flowering calendar

Column “Flowering Calendar”

Our park is discolored to bright yellow.

In the midst of the flowering are buttercups or spearworts, a herbaceous plant that we have already mentioned. The largest flowering meadow of buttercups can be found at the entrance to the zoo, to the left of the concrete "hippos".

Forsythia began to bloom. Forsythia is named after the botanist William Forsythe, one of the founders of the Royal Horticultural Society, who brought this ornamental plant from China to Europe. You can see flowering forsythia bushes near the wolf enclosure, at the entrance to the winter primate house.

Many lawns of our park are now blooming with gagea minima - a herbaceous plant of the lily family. Look for it on the lawn between the “Goat hill” and the bison enclosure.

We also advise you to pay attention to the delicate flowers of Cornelian cherry or European cornel – a melliferous and vitamin plant. European cornel is the hero of many legends and fairy tales. You can see flowering European cornel bushes to the right of the central walkway of the zoo, just behind the playground.

In some flower beds in the zoo daffodils are already blooming - these plants are named after the hero of the ancient Greek myth about the beautiful Narcissus. These flowers are the symbol of narcissism.

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