Welcome to the opening
— Welcome to the opening Finally waited till the giraffes appear! September 11, there became two giraffes in the zoo. Meet: Nuru and Logan. We invite you to a housewarming on September 15! 12/09/2019
Opening Plan for a New Exposition
— Opening Plan for a New Exposition We want to answer to many who are interested in how the presentation of the new exhibit "Ukrainian Safari" will be held, in particular, the exposition of new enclosures for giraffes. Since the second giraffe Logan was brought not on September 4, but only on September 11, this made some… 12/09/2019
 Information for summer residents, farmers
— Information for summer residents, farmers Nikolaev zoo offers environmentally friendly dry bottom sludge in large quantities for agricultural purposes. For pickup. Contact by phone: 55 - 60 - 45 05/09/2019
 Long-awaited resident
— Long-awaited resident On August 29, the first giraffe safely settled in Nikolaev zoo. This is a representative of the Rothschild giraffes (Giraffa camelopardalis rothschildi), considered the rarest. In the wild, there are several hundred individuals left. All representatives of the subspecies live in the wild in the reserves of Kenya and Uganda.… 29/08/2019
Cleaning the ponds
— Cleaning the ponds Mykolaiv zoo started the complex of the measures connected with cleaning of ponds. A month ago, we started to draw water from the reservoirs, but since it was moving slowly, we had to connect the equipment. SMI "Mykolaivvodokanal" and LLC "SSP Nika-Tera" help us in this. After the pumping is… 22/08/2019
International Tiger Day
— International Tiger Day International Tiger Day is celebrated each year on July 29th. This holiday has arisen in 2010 in St. Petersburg during the International Forum "Tiger Summit". As part of this large-scale event, devoted mainly to discussing and finding solutions to the problem of the elimination of wild tiger populations, this significant… 29/07/2019
Reintroduction of storks
— Reintroduction of storks On July 24, 2019, specialists of Mykolaiv zoo released 7 (seven) white storks in the area of ​​Tryhaty village of the Mykolaiv region. The aforementioned storks were brought by the inhabitants of the region to Mykolaiv zoo as animals suffering from the disaster. In the zoo they were given veterinary… 27/07/2019
— Attention To work at Nikolaev zoo are invited: - chief engineer (education by specialty "engineer-builder") - methodologist (biologist) - zooengineer (ecologist, biologist, zooengineer) - gardener - green construction worker - animal care workers - fodder maker - loaders to the warehouse - repairman - plumber - auxiliary worker Contact the Human… 17/07/2019
World Chimpanzee Day
— World Chimpanzee Day On July 14 it celebrates the World Chimpanzee Day. Although chimpanzees are the closest human relatives, they were still unknown in most countries of the world, while Charles Darwin did not write about them in 1856. And only in a century people began to recognize interesting facts from the life… 15/07/2019
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