Our aquariums
— Our aquariums Creating a beautiful aquarium is a real art that requires great taste, imagination, and knowledge! At the class, our young biologists, while studying fish, got acquainted with the design of aquariums of Mykolaiv Zoo. The young researchers took pictures of the aquariums they liked the most. We offer you a… 15/12/2023
World Monkey Day
— World Monkey Day December 14 – World Monkey Day. World Monkey Day appeared as a joke among students at the University of Michigan. One of the students marked December 14 as Monkey Day in the holiday calendar. It happened in 2000. Then the humorous prank ended with a humorous holiday celebrated by the… 15/12/2023
Winter photo zone in the zoo
— Winter photo zone in the zoo Mykolaiv Zoo presents our little ones with a fabulous winter photo zone for St. Nicholas Day! 100% that you will not make such pictures anywhere. 08/12/2023
New calendar
— New calendar Our calendar for 2024 08/12/2023
Birthday animals of the zoo
— Birthday animals of the zoo Mykolaiv Zoo has birthday animals again. On November 27, a polar bear (Ursus maritimus) named Zefirka celebrated her birthday. She turned 12 years old. And today, December 8, is the birthday of her daughter – Smetanka. She is turning 6 years old! The birth of Smetanka in our zoo was… 08/12/2023
Professional activity
— Professional activity Today, the zoo is sending a very valuable employee to a well-deserved rest, because Raisa Koval, the chief administrator of the zoo, is completing her professional activity. Raisa was hired on April 10, 1996 as an inspector of the personnel department, and on November 27, 2001 she was transferred to… 03/12/2023
A zoo to the touch
— A zoo to the touch In everyday life, in the urban environment, children need communication with nature and the living world for full development and a good mood. Therefore, the first interactive lecture of the season "Zoo to the touch" took place today. This format of the lecture was created in order to gain new… 02/12/2023
Ukrainian vechornytsi at the zoo
— Ukrainian vechornytsi at the zoo On a cold winter evening, young people gathered at the zoo for vechornytsi. Beautifully dressed boys and girls divined their fortunes, had fun, played folk games, and bit "kalyta". Temporarily, our room for the classes of young biologists turned into a cozy house, decorated with old rushnyky, fragrant hay and… 27/11/2023