Birthday of Myron and Vakula
— Birthday of Myron and Vakula Today, January 9, two brothers – Kamchatka brown bears (Ursus arctos beringianus) Myron and Vakula – are celebrating their 24th birthday. They were born in Mykolaiv Zoo. Their parents were Shaitan and Shata. In Mykolaiv Zoo Kamchatka brown bears were kept as a couple. And when in 2000 female Shata… 09/01/2024
Animals that are the symbols of the New Year 2024
— Animals that are the symbols of the New Year 2024 "Dragons of Mykolaiv Zoo" - that's what we called a series of educational articles about the animals of our zoo, dedicated to the symbol of the New Year 2024. The date of the Chinese New Year is determined by the moon. It is celebrated on the second new moon after… 08/01/2024
Feast of Epiphany at Mykolaiv Zoo
— Feast of Epiphany at Mykolaiv Zoo Feast of Epiphany at Mykolaiv Zoo! The weather outside is cool and gloomy, but the zoo is warm and fun, because the smallest visitors and their parents were entertained by a bunny, a polar bear and a tiger cub. During the animation, children solved riddles, played games, danced, proved their… 06/01/2024
Cooperation with other zoos
— Cooperation with other zoos The activity of a modern zoo is impossible without close cooperation with other zoos within the country and without international cooperation. Employees share their experience in maintaining the collection and designing enclosures, experience in animal treatment and educational work. And, of course, zoos exchange animals in order to replenish exhibits… 01/01/2024
Christmas and New Year celebrations
— Christmas and New Year celebrations The war took away a calm, happy childhood and carefree youth from our children. But they do not have a spare childhood. That is why adults today try to provide children with happy days with learning, communication and fun holidays. Mykolaiv Zoo did not remain aloof and today held a… 24/12/2023
Classes of young biologists
— Classes of young biologists Recently, the Association of Zoos of Ukraine – AZU held an extremely interesting seminar dedicated to the development of projects of animal enclosures, during which employees of various zoos of Ukraine who took part in it had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the requirements for modern enclosure projects and… 19/12/2023
Greeting card
— Greeting card Happy New Year to all friends and colleagues! On the Dragon to Victory!   19/12/2023
A zoo to the touch
— A zoo to the touch At the numerous requests of visitors, two interactive lectures "A zoo to the touch" and "A zoo in the palm of your hand" were held today in Mykolaiv Zoo. During the lecture, everyone had the opportunity to touch some of the animals of our zoo, ask the lecturer questions and… 16/12/2023
Houses for monkeys
— Houses for monkeys Enriching the habitat of animals is an essential component of animal care work in a modern zoo. Young biologists of the zoo also joined this extremely important matter and conducted an experiment on enriching the habitat of the primates of Mykolaiv Zoo as part of the meeting of our scientific… 15/12/2023
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