Photo zone for Halloween
— Photo zone for Halloween If you haven't seen our photo zone before Halloween and haven't taken pictures with real witches, hurry up!   29/10/2023
— Gratitude We are grateful to everyone who helps us survive difficult times, our compatriots and foreign friends, individuals and enterprises! But it is especially touching when children transfer funds for zoo animals. Pupils of the 1st Beta class of TGI Academy (Irpin) under the guidance of the curator Mrs. Maria Sukhodub,… 27/10/2023
Bat Week
— Bat Week Before Halloween, from October 24 to 31, many countries in Europe and America hold "Bat Week". Bat Week is an international annual holiday designed to raise public awareness of the peculiarities of these extremely interesting animals, their role in nature, and the need to preserve bats. Mykolaiv Zoo also decided… 27/10/2023
International Snow Leopard Day
— International Snow Leopard Day International Snow Leopard Day is celebrated around the world every year on October 23. This holiday was founded in Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan, at the World Forum for the Conservation of Snow Leopards in 2013. The main goal of the holiday is to draw the public's attention to the… 23/10/2023
— Column "Cozy corners of the zoo" The column "Cozy corners of the zoo" once again brings to your attention a selection of photos in which you can see how Mykolaiv Zoo looks right now. In the period of "golden autumn", as well as during spring flowering, almost every day you can find new places where you… 23/10/2023
— Column "Cozy corners of the zoo" The column "Cozy corners of the zoo" begins the traditional seasonal cycle of photo sketches dedicated to the golden autumn. We plan to show what Mykolaiv Zoo looks like in the wonderful period of bright autumn. We advise you to carefully follow our messages in order to plan your visit… 20/10/2023
Birthday in great apes, chimpanzees
— Birthday in great apes, chimpanzees Chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes) Chilina and Sherman celebrate their birthdays in October. They are a brother and a sister who were born in Mykolaiv Zoo. October 17 was Chilina's birthday, she turned 15. And Sherman was born on October 20, he is 7 years old. Their parents are female Aliti and… 20/10/2023
Crocuses bloomed
— Crocuses bloomed Autumn is canceled in Mykolaiv Zoo!!! Real spring has begun - crocuses have blossomed! Nature is unpredictable, it always surprises us! So come see the wonder of nature, life goes on. 19/10/2023
Transfer of the animal for rehousing
— Transfer of the animal for rehousing Zoos in modern conditions are not separate isolated organizations. Zoos can fully perform their functions only in close mutual cooperation. Zoos of Europe and zoos of the world cooperate with each other. Most zoos of Ukraine are also united in the Association of Zoos of Ukraine (AZU). Zoo workers –… 17/10/2023