Squirrel monkeys
— Squirrel monkeys When our visitors get to know the representatives of the Primates Department, they watch the antics of the chimpanzee group for a long time, marvel at the extravagant and impressive appearance of the mandrills, and admire the miniature marmosets. But have you paid attention to a small fragile monkey –… 16/10/2023
 Annual conference
— Annual conference On October 09, 2023 Volodymyr Topchyy, President of Association of Zoos of Ukraine - AZU spoke at the 78th WAZA Annual Conference in San Diego, US with a report devoted to state of Ukrainian zoos during the russian invasion. Marta Kostiv kindly helped him with the translation. The report was met with… 13/10/2023
In the warm embrace of autumn
— In the warm embrace of autumn With the onset of cool weather, each of us feels the arrival of autumn. And where in the city can you admire the autumn beauty? Of course, at Mykolaiv Zoo! This is where you will get the best photos! 08/10/2023
Important information
— Important information Dear friends! Unfortunately, we are forced to cancel all our events for two weeks ahead. You can visit the zoo and our photo zone, but we can't get together for a tea party and a lecture, as we planned, yet. Thank you for understanding, we will definitely meet, but later. 06/10/2023
Day of Defenders
— Day of Defenders On Sunday, October 1, Ukrainians celebrate the Day of Defenders for the first time on a new date. On the same day, the ancient holiday of the Intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary is celebrated. On this day, the Day of the Ukrainian Cossacks is also celebrated. Therefore, the official… 01/10/2023
Active weekend at Mykolaiv Zoo
— Active weekend at Mykolaiv Zoo Do you think that an excursion about zoo animals is only something very serious and scientific?! But no! A tour about our animals can be fun, interactive, and educational! In the course of the new educational event, everyone not only learned interesting facts about tigers, lions, and leopards, but also… 01/10/2023
Royal fish
— Royal fish Everything is possible with Mykolaiv Zoo! Today, all visitors who came to the zoo had a great opportunity to feel the Japanese atmosphere in the picturesque corner "At the junction of two cultures". An interesting excursion about the "Royal Fish", a photo shoot with "Japanese girls", feeding koi carp, all… 30/09/2023
 New zoo magazine
— New zoo magazine From now on, you can find out about the most interesting events of our zoo by looking at our new zoo magazine "ZOO OVERVIEW of the most interesting events". The magazine can be obtained free of charge at the entrance to the zoo. Enjoy! 23/09/2023
A disco with real soffits and a disco ball
— A disco with real soffits and a disco ball FOR THE FIRST TIME, a driving disco with real soffits and a disco ball was held in Mykolaiv Zoo for everyone! To begin with, the specialists tested the idea of such an event on young biologists of our zoo, who were invited to a trial version of the dance program.… 23/09/2023