International Zebra Day
— International Zebra Day On January 31 International Zebra Day is celebrated. The holiday was initiated by conservation organizations, including the Smithsonian's National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute. The goal of International Zebra Day is to help preserve these unique animals. Eternal symbols of beauty and freedom – horses and their relatives, some of… 31/01/2020
Replenishment in Mykolaiv zoo
— Replenishment in Mykolaiv zoo In early January, a pair of common blue-tongued skinks (Tiliqua scincoides) were received as a result of the exchange. Animals were exchanged to beauty rat snakes (Orthriophis taeniurus) that were born in the Aquaterrarium department. The age of the young lizards is 6 months, they have a size of 40… 23/01/2020
Traditional winter action
— Traditional winter action Today in Mykolaiv zoo it was warmer than in any other corner of Mykolaiv! Talented students of the Mykolaiv College of Culture and Arts gave the visitors a bright and fun holiday. Interesting contests, fun games and delicious gifts are what awaited our guests today. The event was fun for… 18/01/2020
 Christmas tree to Nikolaev Zoo
— Christmas tree to Nikolaev Zoo The zoo is actively working on the processing of pine trees, which are brought to us almost daily by city services. Unsold trees are given to animals as a mineral and vitamin supplement in the diet, and from the used pine trees that are processing on special equipment excellent wood… 17/01/2020
— DAY OF RESERVES AND NATIONAL PARKS January 11 - Day of Reserves and National Parks Day of reserves and national parks began to be celebrated in the world for the first time in 1997 on the initiative of the Center for Wildlife Conservation and the World Wildlife Fund. The first reserve in the territory of modern Ukraine… 11/01/2020
The Christmas tree is open
— The Christmas tree is open Despite the not very Christmas weather, the pinetree near the zoo is open! Mykolaiv zoo, the Ingulsky District Administration and the Mykolaiv Regional Philharmonic have arranged for young visitors a real holiday with cheerful songs and presents. 23/12/2019
 Opening of the winter season at the zoo
— Opening of the winter season at the zoo Have you been wondering where to go with your kids for a winter walk? On the playgrounds it is cold and you have already seen the square on Sobornaya? Then it is time to visit the winter zoo! Warm winter enclosures will not allow you to freeze, animals and nature… 20/12/2019
Working visit
— Working visit From December 16 to December 18, Mr. Douglas Richardson, the mentor of Nikolaev zoo, who is a zoological consultant of the EAZA, made a working visit to our zoo. The purpose of his three-day visit was annual inspection of our zoo to get an idea of how successfully we are… 19/12/2019
Birthday of polar bears
— Birthday of polar bears The party "Birthday of polar bears" was fun and positive - with interesting quizzes, funny contests and games and, of course, presents for polar bears. Congratulations to our white fluffy beauties on holiday! 12/12/2019