The smallest foxes
— The smallest foxes Perhaps not everyone had time to notice that our smallest foxes, cute long-eared fennec foxes (Vulpes zerda), are also already placed in summer exhibit enclosures. We bring to your attention a series of portraits of these extremely cute animals.   01/05/2023
Active weekend at Mykolaiv Zoo
— Active weekend at Mykolaiv Zoo The weather is cool and gloomy, but it is warm and fun in Mykolaiv Zoo, because the section "Active Weekend" continues to please both the smallest visitors and their parents. Today, a polar bear and a rabbit gave children a cheerful mood. During the animation, the children solved riddles, proved… 30/04/2023
— Column "Cozy corners of the zoo" The column "Cozy corners of the zoo" reports that iris attica (Iris pumila) and eastern redbud (Cercis canadensis) are already blooming. Both plants are located almost next to each other behind the enclosures with small carnivores. The beauty of spring flowers is unparalleled and fleeting, so hurry to admire the… 29/04/2023
Active weekend at Mykolaiv Zoo
— Active weekend at Mykolaiv Zoo Today, despite the unfavorable weather conditions, Mykolaiv Zoo continues to delight visitors with the program from the "Active Weekend" cycle. During the quest, children together with their parents were able to show their ingenuity in searching for and solving various puzzles and riddles, learned many interesting facts about the history… 29/04/2023
Tapir Day
— Tapir Day Every year on April 27, Mykolaiv Zoo celebrates World Tapir Day. Tapirs live in the forests of Asia and South America. These herbivorous mammals somewhat resemble a pig with a short, highly mobile trunk. To date, 5 species of tapirs are known, the last of which, Tapirus kabomani, the smallest… 27/04/2023
Birthday of the zoo
— Birthday of the zoo Today, April 26, 2023, Mykolaiv Zoo turns 122 years old! April 26, 1901 is considered the official foundation date of Mykolaiv Zoo. It was on this day that the founder of the zoo, Mykola Pavlovych Leontovych, decided to open his collection to everyone who wants to see it... Since then,… 26/04/2023
Our great white pelicans
— Our great white pelicans Just now our great white pelicans (Pelecanus onocrotalus) Jose, Anita, Pedro, Hector, Gertruda and Romashka are posing for the photographer. Would you like to have such photos? Then come to us!   24/04/2023
— Meerkats Finally, warm sunny weather has arrived, and our visitors' favorites, the "little people" – meerkats (Suricata suricatta) are already in the summer exhibit enclosures, where it is extremely convenient to observe them. We bring to your attention another photo selection of portraits of zoo animals.     24/04/2023
— Column "Cozy corners of the zoo" The column "Cozy corners of the zoo" continues to report on what beautiful flowering plants can be found on the territory of Mykolaiv Zoo right now. The mass flowering of the Japanese kerria has begun. Covered with bright yellow "roses" (kerria is sometimes called "Japanese rose"), the bushes of this… 24/04/2023