Opening of the conference “Zoo in today’s realities” dedicated to the 120th anniversary of Nikolaev Zoo
— Opening of the conference “Zoo in today’s realities” dedicated to the 120th anniversary of Nikolaev Zoo “Zoo in today’s realities” dedicated to the 120th anniversary of Nikolaev Zoo On September 15, 2021 in Mykolaiv Zoo the solemn opening of the conference "Zoo in today’s realities", devoted to the 120th anniversary of Mykolaiv Zoo, took place. 27 representatives of 15 zoos of Ukraine came to us. The… 15/09/2021
Fennec fox
— Fennec fox Fennec fox (Lat. Vulpes zerda) is a miniature fox that lives in the deserts of North Africa. Fennecs are animals record-breakers. They are the smallest members of the canine family, and the fennec fox is smaller than domestic cat. The height of the animal is a little more than 20… 13/09/2021
World Crane Day
— World Crane Day The first month of autumn is rich in ecological holidays. On the second Sunday in September, our planet celebrates World Crane Day. This year this holiday falls on September 12. People started to celebrate Crane Day in 2002 in the United States. The purpose of Crane Day is to draw… 12/09/2021
— Column "School of Young Zoo Correspondent" "Today we will introduce to you another resident of our zoo – Senya. Senya is an ordinary iguana. He appeared in the zoo relatively recently, about a year ago. The fact is that Senya grew up at home. The owners treated him well, he was on free range. In addition,… 12/09/2021
— Poster 09/09/2021
— Column "Flowering Calendar" Despite the fact that autumn has come, our column continues to report. Just now in the zoo you can see beautiful and interesting flowering plants. You will find a whole cloud of purple-blue flowering caryopteris near the enclosure for coatis and servals. This ornamental plant is also called "blue mist"… 03/09/2021
— Column "Zootechnician work" The column "Zootechnician work" continues to report on work of the zootechnician specialists in Mykolaiv Zoo. Today, the department of ungulates and the department of domestic animals host a planned orthopedic cleaning of the hooves of domestic horses, Shetland ponies and donkeys. This procedure is done as needed to care… 02/09/2021
Quest excursions in Mykolaiv Zoo
— Quest excursions in Mykolaiv Zoo Where is the best place to spend not only September 1, but also just a family holiday or relax with the class? "Of course, in Mykolaiv Zoo!" – answers mischievous Pinocchio, the hero of our cognitive quest. To order a quest, please call: 24 63 80   01/09/2021
August 31 - Horse Day
— August 31 - Horse Day The last day of summer is Horse Day. On this date, the Orthodox Church celebrates the Day of Remembrance of the holy martyrs Flor and Lavr, who are considered patrons of horses, which is why on August 31 these noble animals are honored. In ancient times on this day it… 31/08/2021