— Column "Zootechnician work" The column "Zootechnician work" continues to report on work of the zootechnician specialists in Mykolaiv Zoo. Today, the department of ungulates and the department of domestic animals host a planned orthopedic cleaning of the hooves of domestic horses, Shetland ponies and donkeys. This procedure is done as needed to care… 02/09/2021
Quest excursions in Mykolaiv Zoo
— Quest excursions in Mykolaiv Zoo Where is the best place to spend not only September 1, but also just a family holiday or relax with the class? "Of course, in Mykolaiv Zoo!" – answers mischievous Pinocchio, the hero of our cognitive quest. To order a quest, please call: 24 63 80   01/09/2021
August 31 - Horse Day
— August 31 - Horse Day The last day of summer is Horse Day. On this date, the Orthodox Church celebrates the Day of Remembrance of the holy martyrs Flor and Lavr, who are considered patrons of horses, which is why on August 31 these noble animals are honored. In ancient times on this day it… 31/08/2021
— Column "School of Young Zoo Correspondent" Young naturalists of Mykolaiv Zoo help to look after tortoises in the summer enclosure. Children bathe them, feed them, collect various delicacies (dandelion, hibiscus, mulberry, acacia), help clean the small pool. Many species live in this enclosure: Central Asian tortoise, radiated tortoise, Hermann's tortoise, yellow-footed tortoise. Some of these species… 29/08/2021
Celebration of Ukraine's Independence Day
— Celebration of Ukraine's Independence Day Mykolaiv Zoo took part in the celebratory actions devoted to the 30 anniversary of independence of Ukraine. Together with other enterprises of the city, we presented our organization during the exhibition on Soborna Street. Everyone had the opportunity to get acquainted with interesting information about the zoo and communicate with… 24/08/2021
Happy Independence Day of Ukraine!
— Happy Independence Day of Ukraine! Congratulations on the 30th anniversary of Ukraine's independence! And surely we invite you to visit the zoo. We prepared a festive photo area, themed tour and, of course, our interesting animals are waiting for you! Happy holiday, friends! 24/08/2021
— Column "Zootechnician work" Dear visitors! Very often, visiting the zoo, you can see animals with colorful eartags. We will tell you what it is and why it is done in our new column: "Zootechnician work". Zootechnician is the leading profession in our zoo. It includes many different and interesting tasks, one of which… 19/08/2021
World Lizard Day
— World Lizard Day Every year on August 14 wildlife lovers celebrate World Lizard Day. The exact origin of this date is unknown. It is known only that this holiday was founded by a group of enthusiastic scientists and fans of herpetology. The purpose of the holiday is to change the negative public opinion… 14/08/2021
World Elephant Day
— World Elephant Day For the ninth year in a row the world celebrates World Elephant Day on August 12. The idea for World Elephant Day came from Canadian directors Patricia Sims and Michael Clark of Canazwest Pictures and Sivaporn Dardarananda, secretary general of the Thai Elephant Reintroduction Foundation. The first official celebration took… 13/08/2021